Values Are The
Standards We
Set For Ourselves

Values We Live By:Values are the standards that we’ve set for ourselves. We believe that Integrity, Responsibility and Transparency are the key to a worthwhile working and living experience.

Integrity: Those who embody integrity know what’s ethical and what’s unethical and we value honesty.

Responsibility: People who’re responsible have an inherent sense of ownership for their work and a high closure rate.

Transparency: We believe in open communication and two-way feedback as it creates a culture of trust between people.


Deline Media was founded when a bunch of corporate sector veterans with decades of management experience came together and decided to help business to achieve their business Goals and help them adapt to this ever-changing digital world, amid the uncertainty.


Our mission is empowering the business world, society and people to achieve their performance goals with high quality and low cost. We're not a run-of-the-mill services company, we’re the marketing and technology partner and consider our partners’ success as ours.

We Have Global Team With
Global Ambitions

Assam Ansari Chief Executive Officer
Haseeb Khan Chief Operating Officer
Usman Faisal CTO
Saleem Ahmed Khan Chief Administrative Officer
Eraf Ahmad Chief Compliance Officer
Omair Nagi HR Manager
Sajjad Akbar HR Officer
Naveed Saeed Rana Scrum Master
Ramiz Murtaza Senior Software Engineer (PHP)
Nouman Hussain Software Engineer (PHP)
Muhammad Khubaib Software Engineer (PHP)
Sajid Ali Software Engineer (PHP)
Muhammad Qadeer Software Engineer (PHP)
Assis Wasiq Software Engineer (NodeJS)
Muhammad Muaz Software Engineer (NodeJS)
Hamad Rasheed Software Engineer (NodeJS)
Muhammad Zaid Software Engineer (NodeJS)
Abdur Rehman Software Engineer (iOS)
Arsalan Software Engineer (iOS)
Hamza Farrukh Software Engineer (Angular)
Adil Hussain Software Engineer (Angular)
Fahad Tahir Software Engineer (Angular)
Ahsan Kalim Software Engineer (Angular)
Nafees Software Engineer (Frontend)
Muhammad Ali Senior QA Engineer
Sidra Masood QA Engineer
Abdullah Nasir QA Engineer
Syed Izhan Ajmal QA Engineer
M Yasir Munir QA Engineer (Automation)
Almeerah Hashmi QA Engineer
Tehreem Farhat QA Intern
Noor Ul Mava QA Intern
Rimsha Mirza Intern Software Engineer

Apply today and help
Deline Media to change an

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Apply today and help
Deline Media to change an

Send Us your Resume and cover letter at