Our Expertise

Here are a select few industries where we have ample experience and a proven track record.


Health Care

We aim to revolutionize and digitize the healthcare landscape. Our portfolio of applications has sped up services and processes in the healthcare sector like medical billing and mobile EHR.

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR): Simplify clinical documentation and save time with customizable dashboards and charts
  • Medical Billing: A seamless and efficient system for medical billing is crucial for a practice to thrive and grow. We can build you a system that allows higher payment collection and lower denial rates.
  • Mobile EHR: An intuitive application with smooth UX for your iPhone and iPad that will suit your unique practice needs and enable you to provide care anywhere, anytime.
  • Revenue Management: Minimize administrative overhead and maximize profitability with a skilled team that eliminates all cumbersome tasks and ensures you have higher clean claim rates and turnaround on denials.
  • Practice Management: Work with management software that keeps track of patients and their medical history, schedules online sessions, sends automated appointment reminders, and has a patient-doctor portal that complies with HIPAA policies.
  • TeleHealth: In this COVID-19 crisis, schedule and conduct video consultations at your easy-to-use, the patient-doctor portal from the comfort of your home.
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The fintech industry is changing at a fast pace and you need the right technologies to keep up with solutions like ERP, developments in the banking sector, mobile payments and branchless banking.

  • Our solution enables business decisions on when and what to buy and sell in the stock market.
  • We use historical data, market trends and analytics to drive insights and write algorithms that make the right predictions on which stock will rise/fall and what’s the best time to buy/sell.
  • Get analytics and alerts by setting indicators and parameters (upper/lower values) and get notified when the conditions are met or set predetermined levels for buying/selling to minimize loss and maximize profits.
  • We have evolved mobile banking into a complete solution by providing visibility and control, which enable scalability and better decision-making.
  • We leverage ERP ecosystems with API integrations to solve problems for FinTech companies.
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Quality Assurance

QA goes hand in hand with software development. We have the test engineers and testing tools for automated and manual testing to drive the quality of your software in an agile way.

We perform our own QA and testing and extend the service to our clients too. Our testing engineers work with a range of tools to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. We offer QA services including:

  • Testing for web and mobile
  • Black Box and White Box testing
  • User testing
  • Business testing
  • Development testing
  • Beta testing
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With a seamlessly integrated bundle of technologies, we will work with you to provide a next-gen IoT solution from ideation to deployment to management.

We develop custom IoT solutions in industries like healthcare and automotive:

  • We can build smartwatches with sensors that monitor the wearer’s vitals and keep track of their health and show trends over time.
  • We also have an integrated dashboard with GPS sensors for tracking applications that can pinpoint locations for a device or a moving automotive.
  • Mobile and web apps that leverage the tech of connected devices to provide our customers with next-gen IoT solutions.
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Our Approach

We live in a world where attracting customers is not enough anymore. Our tried and tested methodology - Attract, Engage and Delight - is the key to retaining customers as well as growing your business manifold.

Our Approaches

Let’s Connect

If digital marketing, software solutions, and smooth UX interest you, please feel free to get in touch. We’d be more than happy to discuss your specific business needs and propose a tailor-made solution.