Data Entry

Digitizing record management and enabling effective data storage and retrieval, particularly for healthcare and fintech industries.

Image Scanning and Processing

Using Optical Character Recognition to convert images of handwritten or printed forms or documents into machine-encoded text.

Six Sigma and COPC Standards

Streamlining the business process and ensuring that they’re Lean, in accordance with the Six Sigma and COPC guidelines.

Contact Center - Data

Data support including emails, social media management, and chat (live, chatbots).

Contact Center - Voice

Taking care of the entire customer support system including product information, order-taking, and sales (inbound/outbound).

Our Approach

We live in a world where attracting customers is not enough anymore. Our tried and tested methodology - Attract, Engage and Delight - is the key to retaining customers as well as growing your business manifold.

Our Approaches

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