Backend Development

Deline Media has the right mix of skills and backend tools to build custom software solutions, adapt to unique and changing business needs, translate them into scalable and effective solutions.

Front-end Development

From JavaScript to React.JS and Angular, our front-end team knows what they’re doing. Determined to deliver responsive designs, our team ensures that our applications have a smooth UI/UX across all devices and platforms.

Mobile Application Development

We develop mobile applications in both Android and iOS and provide an end-to-end solution with backend, QA testing, interoperability, and scalability.

System Architecture

Our aim is to build architectures that are performant, scalable, robust, and reliable. We are well-versed with setting up a Cloud environment and architecture to monitor KPIs.


A good design and user experience are intuitive and need no explanation. For us, creating pixel-perfect designs is like storytelling with data.

Digital Marketing

In a time where remote work and social distancing are the norms, digital marketing is vital for your business, brand awareness, and measuring reach and ROI.

01 Pre Kick-off
  • - Before the start of the project, we sit down with the client to discuss the project scope and list down requirements.
  • - We assemble a skilled team for the project with the right expertise.
  • - The first step is creating a project backlog and breaking it down into Epics and User Stories.
02 Kick-off
  • - We use the Scrum Methodology to manage the project and its deliverables. We tweak each Scrum project/role based on the project requirements.
  • - We follow a scrum cycle with sprint planning, review meetings, daily standups, and retrospect meetings.
  • - Based on the right level of expertise, we assign roles for a project manager, scrum master, and product owner. In some cases, one person is playing 2 or all of these roles.
03 Release Cycles
  • - We believe in delivering incrementally at the end of each sprint.
  • - Our QA team tracks the progress of all tickets for each sprint cycle and conducts comprehensive tests to ensure quality.
  • - At the end of each sprint, a progress report is shared with the team, project manager, and client to give everyone complete visibility.
04 Milestone Delivery
  • - Each completed sprint brings us closer to the milestone.
  • - The PM works closely with the client throughout the SDLC, in review meetings and retrospects to understand how close we are to achieving that milestone.
  • - PMs also keep a note of important deadlines and keep all the stakeholders updated about the release to the end-user.

Our Approach

We live in a world where attracting customers is not enough anymore. Our tried and tested methodology - Attract, Engage and Delight - is the key to retaining customers as well as growing your business manifold.

Our Approaches

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If digital marketing, software solutions, and smooth UX interest you, please feel free to get in touch. We’d be more than happy to discuss your specific business needs and propose a tailor-made solution.

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