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Contextual Streaming based E-Commerce Platform


This innovative project introduces the concept of Contextual or Shoppable Video, where viewers can shop for products resembling items they see within video content. The benefits extend to various stakeholders within the streaming video ecosystem. Video Streamers can amplify revenue without increasing commercials or subscription fees while collecting valuable purchase-intent data. Advertisers benefit from highly relevant ad targeting, transforming video into a novel medium for product discovery. Consumers gain a delightful utility, enabling shopping for products featured in their favorite TV shows and movies, enhancing engagement.


Limited Revenue Streams:

Traditional streaming relies on ads and subscriptions, causing viewer dissatisfaction and missed revenue potential.

Disruptive Ads:

Traditional ads disrupt the viewing experience, leading to reduced engagement and dissatisfaction.

Missed Shopping Opportunities:

Viewers can’t easily buy products seen in videos, resulting in lost revenue.

Ineffective Advertising:

Advertisers struggle to reach customers effectively in an engaging way.

Passive Engagement:

Viewers interact minimally with content, missing chances for deeper engagement.


Contextual Shoppable Video:

Enable viewers to shop for items in videos using computer vision.

Seamless Shopping:

Integrate easy shopping interfaces within videos.

New Revenue for Creators:

Offer commissions on sales, diversifying streamers’ income.

Targeted Ads:

AI-driven ads match viewer interests, enhancing engagement.

Interactive Features:

Allow wishlists, sharing, and engagement for active participation.

Data Insights:

Gather preferences for better strategies and offerings.

Retail Collaboration:

Partner with stores to directly sell identified items.

User-Friendly Design:

Develop intuitive interfaces for smooth navigation.

Development Process











Sales & ROI

As a result of the new properly designed website, our client FINews, was able to engage with the
audience well and close more sales in a short span of 2 months. They gained the ROI after 3
months with our assistance.


Conversion rate
in 2022


Increase in monthly

Team & Role

A dedicated team of 4 individuals contributes their expertise to this project, including:

  • UI/UX Designer
  • Frontend Engineer
  • Backend Engineer
  • Data Scientist

Tools / Technologies

The project leverages a robust technology stack to ensure efficient performance and reliability.






FINews’s objective was to build a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing website that would
encourage greater traffic and sales. Deline Media was able to develop a user-friendly and
responsive website for them which enabled their customers to explore the capital market and
current forex rates fast enough.

Technical Achievements

Computer Vision System:

Implementation of a computer vision-based system to identify actors and their attire in video frames.

Similarity-based AI:

Utilization of an AI system to identify and locate similar clothing items within retail stores.

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