Electronic Health Record

Personalised EHR
Solution- a Key to Success

Deline Media is a one-stop solution for all your billing woes, IT needs, Revenue cycle management, and customized EHR/EMR solutions. Our personalized EHR/EMR solutions are specially designed for practices that are struggling with manual work practices.
We have served numerous healthcare providers from the North American region and have assisted them in going paperless with our state-of-the-art EHR/EMR solutions. We have been keeping up with our commitment to digitalizing the healthcare ecosystem for the past 6 years.
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EHR Customisation & Development- Complete Solution

Whether you are looking for a tailored EHR solution or a completely new EHR system for your practice Deline Media is a name to stop by. Not only do we provide EHR customization but also develop EHR solutions keeping in view our client’s requirements.

Why Should Practices Consider a New EHR Solution?

Healthcare practices should consider a new EHR solution if you are facing any of the above. Get In Touch With Us Today !


Their present EHR system lacks customization


Their present EHR system cannot meet specific requirements


Their present EHR system is unable to optimize clinical workflows


Their present EHR system is unable to manage workload and starts troubleshooting


Their present EHR system is unable to help them in providing better patient care


Their present EHR system lacks HIPAA compliance

EHR Support &

After EHR implementation, the most critical service that falls right after it is EHR support and maintenance. We provide holistic EHR support and maintenance services to all our clients. Our EHR support and maintenance services begin right after we live the main interface of EHR. Usually, our EHR support and maintenance services revolve around the following:
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EHR Reporting & Analytics

The last part of our EHR services is reporting and analytics. At Deline Media, we know how important and critical EHR reporting and analytics are in order to track patient data for clinical and business purposes. Our EHR reporting and analytics services allow healthcare providers to utilize the vast amount of patient data for actionable insights.

Clinical quality measures

Population health management

Data visualisation

Predictive Analytics