Healthcare IT Services

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Build Scalable and Efficient
Healthcare IT Services.

Deline Media is a one-stop solution for all your IT-related challenges. If you are lacking a seamless IT experience, get in touch with us today.


Cloud services let you access your business processes on the go without depending on the on-premise infrastructure. The shift from on-premise servers to cloud-based servers has helped innumerable businesses to get rid of hefty maintenance costs, inefficiencies, and storage losses. If you are looking to switch to cloud-based servers, we are here for your assistance.

Our Health Care IT Services

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AI-ML in healthcare

At Deline Media, we believe technology has the ability to renew healthcare business processes, create better user experiences, and enhance human decision-making. With the technological disruptions making their way into the IT industry, Deline Media has always stayed abreast and incorporated the latest trends for all our clients.


We help healthcare providers in interpreting their data correctly with our advanced analytics. Thus, informed decision-making and actionable insights. We believe in unlocking the true value of data for our clients. Healthcare providers deal with tons of data and there is so much that goes unnoticed by the providers since there is a lot to cover.

Electronic Data
Integration (EDI)

EDI helps healthcare providers to make informed decisions in real-time while combining data from multiple sources into a single consolidated repository. Our EDI services help providers to deliver better patient care without compromising on the data.

Why Choose Deline Media for EDI Services?


We help providers to connect with multiple third-party applications and databases to produce the best-informed decisions.


We help providers to validate data while utilizing advanced profiling rules.


We help providers to extract patient data from various different sources, transform it as per their requirements, and load it to a destination of their choice.


With our EDI services providers can get role-based access controls and then encrypt data to ensure compliance (whenever need be) with standard protocols, including GDPR and HIPAA.