E-Commerce Platform

This innovative project introduces the concept of Contextual or Shoppable Video, where viewers can shop for products resembling items they see within video content.

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Real Estate Leads

This project introduces a comprehensive reporting tool to meticulously analyze customer support agencies and representatives within the real estate domain.

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Healthcare Chatbot

The creation of a healthcare-focused conversational chatbot stands as a pivotal advancement in patient-centric.

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OCR of Graphic

This iOS/Android-based application revolutionizes the comics community by offering a user-friendly mobile platform to access favorite graphic novels anytime, anywhere.

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Table Detection / Editing

This project leverages advanced image processing techniques to extract text from multiple PDF files and generate customizable-tables

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Simutual is a Virtual Reality medical/nursing simulation environment designed to train nursing teams in various medical scenarios. It offers a multiplayer platform

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VR based Ice-Hockey

Project Overview
This project creates an immersive virtual reality ice-hockey game using advanced computer vision techniques. Real-time analysis of video streams detects players,

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BlockChat is a specialized platform for the blockchain and cryptocurrency realm, offering tailored question-and-answer interactions and smart contract generation.

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#Angular #AWS #MySQL #NnodeJs #Python

Insurance Claim System

Our comprehensive system streamlines insurance processes, including automated claims handling,

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#MySQL #NodeJS #React Native


Xcompare is a premium automotive wholesaler that has been in the industry for 13 years. Xcompare, a one-stop auto parts wholesale and sourcing platform, committed to provide excellent service and high-quality products.

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