#MySQL #NodeJS #React Native


Xcompare is a premium automotive wholesaler that has been in the industry for 13 years. Xcompare, a one-stop auto parts wholesale and sourcing platform, committed to provide excellent service and high-quality products.

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#MySQL #Node.js #React.js


Carental is a UK-based private sector company who is into the renting business for 10 years. They have helped a lot of people with their affordable goods. They are a one-stop- solution for all your needs. From mobile to tabs,

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#Angular #Integration with 3rd party data providers #Node.js #Rest APIs


RxEnter is a medication provider. They have served countless patients through their online platform and have made healthcare less of a hassle. RxEnter contacted Deline Media to incorporate a new functionality – “electronic prescription” into their existing web and mobile application.

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#Angular #Microservice Architecture #React #React Native (Mobile App)


FINews is a stock news website. Predominantly it provides real-time stock exchange updates and news related to the stock market in the Gulf and Middle Eastern countries.

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#MySQL #Node.js #React.js #Solidity


Xnetwork is working as an agency for startups and organizations for the past 3 years. They develop scalable web, mobile, and design solutions for their clients globally. They have helped numerous brands establish an online identity in the most efficient way.

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#MySQL #Node.js #React.js #Solidity

Social Markt

Social Markt is a web and blockchain development company that offers its services globally. They have worked with multiple clients utilizing blockchain technology to ensure that payments are safe and encrypted.

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#MySQL #Node.js #React.js #Solidity


Xmarkt- a firm, building great Blockchain projects for the past 6 years. Xmarkt is successfully building blockchain-based ecosystems to manage non-fungible tokens (NFTs), each representing a unique digital asset, like a piece of art, videos, or other digital files.

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