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Introducing Our Latest

Introducing Our Latest

Introducing Our Latest

Introducing Our Latest



Blockchain-oriented Platform

for Secure and Encrypted Payments


Social Markt is a web and blockchain development company that offers its services globally. They have worked with multiple clients utilizing blockchain technology to ensure that payments are safe and encrypted. Creating web apps and mobile apps with low-risk transactions is their forte. Deline Media not only designed a result-driven social network marketplace but also helped them manage their merchants, payments, products, and shipment flawlessly.
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When Social Markt contacted Deline Media to develop a Blockchain-based social media platform for interaction and content creation and distribution, they were facing numerous challenges such as performance issues, secure financial protocols, and scalability. They were looking for a solution that may help them set up a network for referral rewards and an Inclusive marketplace to manage their products, shipments and payments.


Considering the requirements shared by Social Markt, Deline Media developed a payment gateway and payment settlement middleware between merchants and customers for their decentralized social media project. We set up a decentralized application using Solidity and implemented smart contracts on blockchain platforms, notably, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

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The project leverages a robust technology stack to ensure efficient
performance and reliability.


Deline Media assisted Social Markt with a decentralized social network marketplace which eventually eliminates the need for a centralized server owned by a business. This Blockchain technology has allowed our client to gain maximum control over their data.
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