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Introducing Our Latest

Introducing Our Latest

Introducing Our Latest

Introducing Our Latest




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RxEnter is a medication provider. They have served countless patients through their online platform and have made healthcare less of a hassle. RxEnter contacted Deline Media to incorporate a new functionality – “electronic prescription” into their existing web and mobile application.
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The moment RxEnter got in touch with Deline Media, they were facing quite a few challenges. Their primary challenge was their traditional medication system which was catering to manual prescriptions. Their old system was very time-consuming. The patient and the physician were in direct coordination whereas, the pharmacy had absolutely no patient record at their end. The secondary challenge was to change the manual prescription into an E-prescription where the pharmacy can see the patient’s history with a few clicks.


Keeping in view the requirements shared by RxEnter, our team of developers addressed each of them swiftly and in due course of time. We developed a new functionality with the name E-prescription and integrated it with the old system. The new feature works as an electronic transmission of a drug prescription directly to the pharmacy through EHR technology. In the new feature, the doctor will send the prescription directly to the pharmacy. Resultantly, only the required amount of medicine will be provided to the patient and the pharmacy will be able to keep both the patient record and medicine history.

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The project leverages a robust technology stack to ensure efficient
performance and reliability.


Deline Media not only assisted Xcompare with the development side but also helped them maintain their digital presence on all the famous platforms.
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