Table Detection
Editing based Web Application


This project leverages advanced image processing techniques to extract text from multiple PDF files and generate customizable tables with a cell structure. The intuitive interface allows users to effortlessly add, delete, or modify cells and their structures, tailored for seamless data organization. The designed border-less cell structure ensures smooth data transfer. Users can export cells to Excel or JSON format for further analysis. The aim is to offer an intuitive solution for efficient data management from PDFs.


Complex PDF Data Extraction:
Extracting structured data from PDFs, particularly tables, presents challenges due to varied formatting and layouts.
Manual Data Entry:
Manual transcription of data from PDF tables is time-consuming and prone to errors, hindering efficiency.
OCR Inaccuracies:
OCR engines like Tesseract and Paddle OCR struggle with accuracy for complex layouts and fonts.
Intuitive Data Management:
Existing tools lack an intuitive interface for users to manage, customize, and transfer extracted data seamlessly.


Advanced Image Processing:
Employ OpenCV for image preprocessing, enhancing data extraction accuracy from PDFs.
Web Interface for Custom Tables:
Develop a Python-Flask web app allowing easy modification of table cells and structures.
Enhanced OCR Engine Usage:
Leverage Tesseract, Paddle OCR, and Easy OCR, optimizing accuracy through training and customization.
AI Table Detection:
Integrate AI algorithms to accurately identify and extract tables from scanned PDFs.
Effortless Data Export:
Enable export to Excel and JSON formats for smooth integration with other analysis tools.

Development Process











Sales & ROI

As a result of the new properly designed website, our client FINews, was able to engage with the
audience well and close more sales in a short span of 2 months. They gained the ROI after 3
months with our assistance.


Conversion rate
in 2022


Increase in monthly

Team & Role

A dedicated team of 12 individuals contributes their expertise to this project, including:
  • Two Data Science Engineers
  • Data Collection and Cleaning Specialists
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Blockchain Experts
  • Backend and Frontend Engineers

Tools / Technologies

The project leverages a robust technology stack to ensure efficient performance and reliability.




Paddle OCR


FINews’s objective was to build a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing website that would
encourage greater traffic and sales. Deline Media was able to develop a user-friendly and
responsive website for them which enabled their customers to explore the capital market and
current forex rates fast enough.

Technical Achievements

OCR Engine Expertise:

Proficient use of OCR engines such as Tesseract, Paddle OCR, Easy OCR, and training open-source OCR engines to enhance accuracy.

AI Table Detection:

Development of AI algorithms for table detection in scanned images.

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